FILMINATION launches Japanese Cinema Vibes,
an official YouTube channel for overseas movie fans


On January 13th, 2021, FILMINATION, an online marketplace specializing in delivering Japanese films and videos for overseas movie enthusiasts, launched its official YouTube Channel Japanese Cinema Vibes. The newly launched YouTube channel will be hosted by a film curator Alan McLane, who will introduce highlights of Japanese films offered by FILMINATION from the perspective of western film experts.

Japanese Cinema Vibes

FILMINATION Japanese Cinema Vibes Youtube Channel

The marketplace recently celebrated its significant milestone of providing more than 100 global VOD companies to deliver over 250 interesting Japanese films to their audiences. Through the launch of the new YouTube channel, FILMINATION aims to raise awareness and foster a deeper understanding of Japanese film, as well as to uncover new Japanese film fans around the world.

To celebrate the opening of the channel, the interview with director Kawazoe Bilal, as well as an introduction to the film "WHOLE",which shows biracial youths who are struggling with their own identities, will be introduced in the channel. In the series of Japanese Cinema Vibes, Alan will also showcase several films by up-and-coming filmmakers with great sensitivity, including "Rolling Marbles" by Kenichi Ugana, "Mrs. Noisy" by Chihiro Amano, "The Chaplain" by Dai Sako, and "Girl’s Encounter" by Yuka Eda.

FILMINATION not only provides simultaneous access to various overseas VOD buyers, but also creates various opportunities for overseas movie fans to experience Japanese films and visual contents by providing quality Japanese films for international screenings including inflight entertainments (IFE), JAPANEMA, a free screening series organized by the Japan Foundation Los Angeles, and JAPAN CONNECTS Hollywood, a film festival established to connect Japanese filmmakers with Hollywood.

“At present, the share of Japanese films in the global film distribution market is extremely low at about 0.9% in the EU and 1.7% in Asia (*1), making it an urgent task for the Japanese film industry to expand into overseas markets” says Hiroaki Kanemaru, president of FILMINATION. “Going forward, we intend to promote Japanese films to a wider audience through social media channels, which can appeal directly to movie fans around the world. FILMINATION will continue to contribute to the development of the Japanese film industry by supporting the global expansion of Japanese films.


About a Film to be distributed on Emirates

“Mrs. Noisy” directed by Chihiro Amano (Onboard from October 1)

An absurd battle drama about a novelist in a slump who uses the noise and harassment by her neighbor as fodder for her novel, which develops into a major incident that causes a stir in the mass media and the Internet. The screenplay by director Chihiro Amano won the Best Screenplay Award at the 30th Japan Film Critics’ Awards, and the lead actress Yukiko Shinohara won the Best Actress Award at the 59th Asia Pacific Film Festival. The film was officially selected for the Japanese Film Splash section of the 32nd Tokyo International Film Festival and won the Audience Award at the 2020 Japan Cuts.

About Alan McLane
Based in Mexico and the U.S., Alan is a film curator and festival programmer with 15 years of experience in the film industry, and was named Guest Director of The Art Of Brooklyn Film Festival in 2020. He is currently working as a Film Program Associate for the Cine Las Americas International Film Festival in Austin, Texas.

With a mission to bring Japanese films to the global limelight, Filmination is a company specialized in distributing Japanese movies to VODs around the world with the commitment for bridging Japanese filmmakers and quality titles to global movie fans. Through the extensive distribution to markets worldwide, we support and sponsor international movie festivals and investments in Japanese movie production.

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