FILMINATION, a company that supports Japanese filmmakers looking to expand into global markets, has launched a digital placement advertising project in cooperation with Gaie.
~Three films to be released on with the sponsorship of AIRDO


On November 16th, 2022, FILMINATION launched a digital placement advertising project in cooperation with Group's Gaie Inc. a company that promotes digital placement advertising in Japan, to support young Japanese film directors and Japanese films aiming for going global.

A digital placement advertising is generally recognized as an advertising method that places the sponsor's logo, products or the services into movie scenes of existing films.

However, the most notable feature of a digital placement advertising that FILMINATION has launched is that it utilizes the patented technology of Mirriad, a UK company specializing in digital placement. This is a unique method where sponsor’s logos and products are digitally placed on-demand in the film, which has been considered difficult to realize, and it enables the introduction of this advertising method to the films that have already been produced.

In addition, the use of AI enables automatic analysis of camera movement, background, exposure time, and other factors in the film to suggest optimal placement locations, making it possible to perform product placement in as little as a few days.

It is also possible to deliver targeted messages, such as by selecting different products to include according to the attributes of the viewers and users.

By utilizing this technology, viewers can watch videos without being bothered by advertisements, and advertisers can expose their product information in a natural way. Recently, there has been a lot of talk about how to generate new revenue through advertising on paid video distribution services, and by incorporating this technique, we are now able to realize support for young film directors and Japanese films looking to expand into the global market, including in terms of revenue. At the same time, VoD Platform companies will be able to earn advertising revenues from the distribution of these ad-supported films.

About the films that will be distributed with digital placement advertisements

The three films participating in this project are "Kokoro, Odoru" (directed by Tsukasa Kishimoto), "My Life, Mama Life" (directed by Mutsumi Kameyama), and others, all carefully selected by FILMINATION as promising young filmmakers who aim to expand their careers overseas.

The films will be released sequentially from November 2022 to the end of March 2023 on, an online movie distribution service operated by On Demand Inc.

For VoD Platform companies

To participate as a distribution medium for ad-supported films and get advertising revenue, please contact our sales representative in US/UK at

About On Demand, Inc. Company Profile
Representative: Naofumi Komai
Location: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Establishment: May 1, 2018
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About Company profile of Gaie Inc.
Representative: Hideo Edazawa
Location: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Establishment: March 3, 1997

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