Okinawan Blue

  • Directed by Tsukasa Kishimoto
  • Year: 2018
  • Length: 96min
Okinawan Blue

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The film depicts a tale of three families on a remote island. A foreign couple who end up staying at an old inn where nobody speaks English; a man comes back to the island to abduct his own son despite being a fugitive on the run; and a stepfather and his stepdaughter who have been left behind by the wife who took off with her lover. It is the story of these three families, and their awkward attempts at seeking love. Hardened hearts are eventually softened by both the natural surroundings and the kind people of the beautiful Kerama Islands in Okinawa.

A feature-length short film "Kokoro, Odori" that won the "SSFF & ASIA 2015" Japan Division Excellence Award and the "LA Movie Festa" Golden Zipangu Award. An omnibus movie that tells the story of three families who are clumsy but seek love against the backdrop of the beautiful nature of the Kerama Islands in Okinawa Prefecture. At the 20th Hamburg Japanese Film Festival in 2019 Received the highest jury prize!

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