Demolition Girl

  • Directed by Genta Matsugami
  • Year: 2018
  • Length: 88min

High school teen Cocoa (Aya Kitai) supports her gambling addict father and deadbeat brother with a part-time job selling sausages and secret work as a video fetish performer. Initially resigned to her small town life of limited possibilities and economic struggle, when the unexpected prospect of going to a Tokyo university is introduced, Cocoa suddenly sees a way out.

Genta Matsugami’s comedic, coming-of-age, indie sensation resists easy moralizing and overt sentimentality while celebrating the power of resilience and self-determination. Winner of Outstanding Performance Award at Slam Dance Film Festival 2019, the 14th Osaka Asian Film Festival JAPAN CUT'S Award, 52nd Houston International Film Festival COLD REMI Award. Also screened at the 65th Taormina Film Festival and 27th Rain Dance Film Festival among other international events.

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